Road Bike Rides and Cycling Tours

Aspen Pro Fitness is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Snowmass Village, Colorado. Our training grounds, as well as our favorite fun rides, start at 7,000 feet, and just keep going!

Would you like to learn to road bike, increase your cycling skills, and experience the Rocky Mountain high all at the same time? Book a few hours with us or a half-day tour through the mountains in Aspen and Snowmass, Colorado. Let’s create memories that can’t be replicated!

Book a ride with Aspen Pro Fitness with your bike or rent one from one of the many great bike shops in town. All levels are welcome, we promise safety and an amazing ride! Let us be your guide, your friend, your leader, or your coach.

Aspen Pro Fitness can accommodate hard climbing rides, leisure fun rides, longer endurance based rides up to 100 miles, and medium distance challenging circuit rides that will satisfy your daily workout needs! We can customize the right ride for you or your entire group, so let’s put the metal to the pedals and start riding today!