January 6, 2022

Getting Stronger Together

New year strength.

Growth, balance, strength, and health. I think about these concepts every season.  I consider how I can grow every year, quarter, month, week, and day. I try to follow my own rules by taking these concepts and applying structure + consistency to get the change I’m planning. Some years it works great, other years pose challenges I never could have anticipated.

How do I manage to get stronger each year without burdening my life? 

I approach my goals together with a team. 

Getting stronger together is something I teach, preach, and practice. These are my steps to achieving this goal:

  • I work with my family to allocate time for training.
  • I allocate funds in my budget to hire coaches every year.

Both my family and coach help me with getting stronger in ways I can’t on my own. Like many aspects of life, friends, family, and coaches all have a different perspective that allows them to see things we can’t. And just when I think I have it figured out I learn something new from someone else’s perspective.  That’s the greatest part of being coached and being coachable.

Like many great accomplishments in life, there’s benefit in letting go and trusting in another authority to take the reins and lead you.  As a coach I find it’s the hardest thing for me to do, but how else will I grow? Osmosis? No. I trust others and work with them.  This also applies to my family.  I must listen and trust them to help me weave another great training and racing season into our year.  I embrace my family’s and coach’s feedback. If my season doesn’t turn out as I expected, there’s no huge loss but rather an opportunity to learn and grow for the next season.

You want to get stronger? You want to do better? How do you do it? To be honest there are so many online resources. You can sign up for an online degree in training by taking a few programs, meal plans, and how-to’s.  I did and, I achieved so much but at a slower pace than my competition that was being professionally coached.  When the studying got tough I had to spend hours researching for answers. When I hired a coach, they had the answers. I had to give each coach an honest season of hard work and decide if it was fruitful.  In my extensive experience in managing goals, that’s all we can do.  Each of us has an idea of what we want, how we want to achieve it, and what the action plan looks like.

I encourage each of you with big lives, big goals, beautiful families, friends, and even furry friends to try something new this season. Trust in a professional to lead you to greater successes! Aspen Pro Fitness has been in the business for almost 12 years now and we’re getting results!  We are in the coaching business but more importantly in the people business. We put you first.  At Aspen Pro Fitness we want to see you achieve your goals more than signing you up for a program you can’t execute.  We focus on integrating health and fitness into your life and adjust monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily to get you to your greatest health by getting stronger.

Book an appointment with us or call to schedule a meeting. Let’s discuss how you can get stronger, together with Aspen Pro Fitness!


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