August 19, 2021

Do You Have a Support Team for Your Racing Endeavors?

It takes a support team to succeed.

How do you get your best result? Can you do it on your own without a support team? Yes and no! There are three different scenarios of racers. We’ve all heard of the story of the athlete that showed up, blew the doors off the race, took first place, and was never seen again.  Scenario two, the story of the athlete who stays consistent, has good results, as well as both good and great seasons of racing and training. Then there are the professional athletes.  They look different, they perform differently, they are supported differently, and they do sports for a living, every day! Where does the support team come into play in these scenarios?

The Benefit of a Support Team

In the first scenario, we can imagine the one-time athlete training with passion and zeal for their sport! One can build themselves up with the emotional roller coaster of beating everyone or beating their own best effort using the adrenaline drawn out by a race.  It is amazing when everything is going well but bad days can be empty.  It always helps to have a sympathy hug from a support team when it’s not your best result!

In the second scenario, the athlete is more like me.  I was great on my own for a few seasons, but, ultimately,  I am better for longer with a support team.  Not having to or being able to do everything by myself was a great realization and as I brought others into my passion, my results have gained more meaning.

In the third scenario, professional athletes have a support team for every area of training.  They have a nutritionist, a massage therapist, a strength coach, a speed coach, a form coach.  They have someone to help manage their affairs and some have a sports psychologist.  Other pros have even more than that.

When a Support Team Makes a Difference.

Support is very important when it comes to competition.  It’s not enough that the athlete is expected to win, but to win consistently, all over the world! Professional Triathlete Lional Sanders battled world championship IRONMAN triathlete Jan Frodeno in an IRONMAN distance race in Germany.  Lionel spoke on how serious Jan’s support team was about setting a world record.  It appeared they took nothing lightly and approached the hopes of achieving a world record with a seriousness Lional had not seen before.  Jan went on to break the world record for the fastest IRONMAN distance that day. Was it the athlete or the support team that earned the win? Lional achieved an incredible result as well, and both athletes were completely prepared for the challenge! It truly came down to the level of the support team.

My Support Teams

We all can understand that support in life is great.  Great support is awesome, but a consistent support team is best, though also costly.  I’ve learned this through victories and challenges in my 11-year racing career.  What makes the victories and the challenges more meaningful is aided by my support team.

God is my source of peace, patience, power, and persistence.  He never lets me down and has filled me with energy today I rarely felt in my youth.  My wife supports me by managing time for my race season and finances to pay for them.  She comes to every race and knows the pre-race routine so well that we are a well-oiled machine up to the race start.  The new addition of our son Beck is encouraging spiritually and emotionally.  It’s a delight to see him (and my wife) at the start line and throughout the race day.  I do my best to make both proud.

Furthermore, I am a coach and have a coach.  He guides me with his wisdom of training cycles and their effects on the human body year after year regardless of how many times we repeat the same schedule. I remain coachable and yield his expertise, trusting he knows best. He also safeguards me against knowing I can get off track by overanalyzing the season, mix and matching workouts, and going too hard on easy days.

Additionally, I have other professional members in my team that support me in different ways. I use a massage therapist named Fitz Scott.  He is a talented therapist nicknamed ‘healing hands.’  I consult with Hammer Nutrition for all my fueling and supplements.  Theresa at MOXILife assists in my per-hour caloric intake, helps me balance nutrients, calories, electrolytes, and minerals that are essential to keep me fueled during races.  I also have friends that encourage me. I think of them as I’m about to slow down for a break on the run. Their belief in me keeps me going at an honest pace.

The Other Types of Support

The other type of support that many overlook are the participants and volunteers at races.  There is an unspoken comradery among all athletes that challenge themselves to a hard day. We all know that crossing the finish line will come at a cost and something about is worth it. I want to thank those folks for inspiring me by being part of a global community of health-conscious people.

So, can you succeed on your own?

Yes, you can succeed on your own without a support team. Can you succeed better for longer with a support team? Yes. The latter position has been a key to my lasting success and continued dedication to the sports I love.  Having a victory or sympathy hug at the finish line from a support team member is priceless. I pray all you avid trainers, entry-level racers and aspiring pros find a group of people that care about you and want to be part of your support team. These people will help you succeed and ride the highs and lows of racing, life, and will help you grow. Left to our own devices, I find the results are less desirable.

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