October 7, 2021

Older, Stronger. One Is a Choice, the Other is Not.

Stronger with Age: A Letter of Honesty & Encouragement.

Two words: OLDER, STRONGER; one is a choice you have; the other is not!  Can you guess which one you can positively influence the most?  STRONGER.  Which word gives you less opportunity to influence? OLDER.  I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but you will get older and older and older.  The good news is that you can remain stronger or become stronger the longer you live, and become stronger with age!

How Older, Stronger Looks.

Endurance racing and training tend to favor older athletes that are stronger with age.  Their bodies have more conditioning and ability to adapt from years of the consistent and progressive movement. In that case, older and stronger can be true. In my case, it took seven years to become stronger with age and to win the Men’s B category in the Aspen Cycling Club Race series.  It wasn’t a mistake or luck; the years of training finally paid off.  In August 2021, I raced Boulder 70.3 triathlon and came within 3 minutes of my fastest time from 2014.  I’m older and faster than I have ever been, so can honestly say, “I’m stronger with age.”  I’m racing faster against my times and other people with similar fitness and age.

No Limits to an Aging Body

Additionally, this personal experience in Boulder has taught me that there is no reason to limit an aging body. I would instead celebrate it, refine it, and make it work as well as it did years prior because you can grow stronger with age. I like to use the analogy of an antique car. Antique cars have just as much value as new cars, sometimes more! They go down the road the same as new cars. The difference lies in the fact that they generally need more maintenance. My clients in their 70’s prove it to me every day as they execute 45 seconds of jump squats and 109 burpees during a  55-minute workout.  Their regular maintenance includes more:

  • Massages
  • Yoga
  • Stretching

They still perform at high levels every day; they are stronger with age.  We all want that, don’t we? Whatever age you are now, know that you will get older and can get stronger!

Ok, how do we do it?

I like to look at a person’s history and build on their strengths by asking a few questions about what could make them stronger with age.

  • What have they been focusing on for the last ten years: swimmingbikingrunningweightliftingetc.?
  • Have they done the necessary work to execute the task, race, sport, or goal while rebuilding and maintaining their bodies?
  • Have they built on fitness and continue to be consistent regardless of a reason, the season, or life event?

All these questions will help me paint a picture of how to direct them on a path of strength, improved health, less distraction, and most importantly, to become STRONGER with age.

What does stronger mean?

When I say stronger, I mean physically. Getting stronger with age can happen in several ways.

  • One can manipulate their body weight in a variety of settings.
  • One can maintain a simple weight routine in the gym without decreasing the weight.
  • One can run upstairs.
  • One can play 2 hours of pickleball a day.
  • One can dance in competitions at 70 years old.
  • One can do 40 crunches on any given day.

Having seen all of these events firsthand, I know getting older can mean getting stronger. Stronger with age.

Do you want to be stronger?

  • Do you want to carry your infants in each arm?
  • Do you want to complete an endurance event like the Tough Mudder in your 30’s or 40’s?
  • Do you want to keep running marathons until the lights go out?
  • Do you want to be stronger with age?

If you can do it, you should.

Let’s work together to become stronger with age each day, year, and decade.  Would you like to enjoy your favorite sport, be outdoors year-round, or just be on the go 24/7? It starts with good, hard work.

How Aspen Pro Fitness gets Results.

Here is our method for you to grow stronger with age.

  • We add structure to your routine.
  • We apply consistency to your training.
  • We watch the change take place year after year.

Our healthy days are so precious, and these bodies are crying out to do more, and to be stronger with age. Instead of taking a knife to a gunfight, bring a military-grade fighter plane to a gunfight, and shake hands with your opponent.

At Aspen Pro Fitness, we would love to help you into a progression that will keep you gaining strength while gaining years of wisdom on this planet!  Older, Stronger.


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