August 26, 2021

Season Review and Roll with Bob Roll

Questions to ask and an end-of-season event to consider.

The best way to end a season is by taking time to stop and review your performance by asking a few questions.

  • How would your season look in review?
  • How was your summer season?
  • Did you meet your goals?
  • Did you have fun?
  • What did you learn?
  • What are your takeaways?

Do you have an end-of-season event planned? (Bob Roll does.)

If you haven’t already, now is the time to celebrate the challenges, victories, tired mornings, and fantastic races you participated in. Focus on what you’ve learned this year! What’s been your greatest accomplishment? I can confidently say that my greatest accomplishment has been learning how to prepare for every event I participated in. I didn’t always obtain the best result, but I was ready to perform my best; one race I flatted, another I stopped before the finish line in confusion, but I came prepared. Just recently, I was able to finish 70.3 Boulder IRONMAN within two race minutes of my best time from 8 years ago! That’s where my coin phrase comes in, “Older, Stronger.” I’m older but feeling stronger than ever before.

Older, Stronger.

Previously, I mentioned how I’m Older, (yet) Stronger, which is a great mindset to have throughout the season. How great is it to be blessed with another healthy season regardless of the outcome? Some may haven’t finished as strongly as hoped, as have I in the past, but having fun can come at a cost (like playing in the mountains.) My grandfather would say, “Time heals all!” That includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones, but not always the brain! Needless to say, the season isn’t over yet. Plus, Bob Roll has something special in store for cycling enthusiasts.

Season Transition, but It’s Not Over Yet.

Summer offers many fitness opportunities while the days are longer, our energy is abundant, and people are outdoors. Summer is wrapping up, but it’s not over yet – so keep moving! Consider seeking out a few more opportunities to have fun in the sun before the snow flies and the chilly temperatures set in. But please remember, it’s still August! Plus, Bob Roll has a great end-of-season event; more to come on that.

Fall Prelude

Fall is an opportunity to evaluate the previous season as a whole and examine what did and didn’t work. The best way to manage your training process is by keeping a journal to take notes. Then use next year’s calendar to make additional notes so that you can review the mistakes and successes from last year before they happen. Additionally, this will allow room to anticipate and prepare a different approach to solving recurring challenges or unexpected roadblocks. Furthermore, I love that Fall forces me to shift my training in response to cooler weather and shorter days.

The Fall Training Shifts:

  • Running workouts are more concise and challenging.
  • Bike rides are longer and later in the day. (Experience the late afternoon glow and the chilled air hiding in the shadows of the bike path.)
  • Swimming goes from cold to colder at 8,000 feet in elevation.  (Makes me appreciate the 85 degrees water on a cool day when I trained in Hawaii.)

Preparing and shifting my training for each season reminds me I can’t hold on to my best fitness every day of the year.  I prepare to round out the end of my training season and sharpen my best fitness before putting the race car in the shop for a complete overhaul. As summer wraps up, I’m always looking for last-season opportunities to attend century rides, fall marathons, sports events, and multi-day races. This leads me to one of the best end-of-season events you can attend. (Remember how I mentioned above that Bob Roll has something planned that you can attend?)

Roll with Bob Roll

Every year I attend an annual 4-day cycling event in Moab during November. This legendary event is on its 12th year and hosted by Aspen Sports Performances’ lead Coach, Chip Chilson. Roll with Bob Roll has an incredible value, but Chip and his team always manage to add more value, experience, and education for the attendees each year. In 2020 during a group ride, I rode with Tour de France Cyclist, Michael Carter, and rode dead into a 20 mph headwind coming out of Deadhorse Point. I pedaled to a level unknown to me while Michael kept in tempo, offering intelligent, casual conversation – thank you, Michael!

Roll with Bob Roll is an opportunity to turn the temperature up, ignite your riding, and create lasting memories. Among the many offerings during the event, one being, the opportunity to ride with Tour de France cyclists, current and former pro riders, world-class coaches, and of course, you can hang with Bob Roll!

Chip Chilson Challenges You with this Question

Why “Roll with Bob Roll?”   

Why go to “Roll with Bob Roll” cycling camp in Moab every Fall, and more importantly, why is it worth your investment?

At its core, “Roll with Bob Roll” is a premier cycling event, but more so, it is four days of healthy living and lifestyle training. We bring together many of the world’s best professional coaches and trainers to give seminars and work with you, one-on-one, on how to live and train with purpose.

For those who have been to Moab before, you know about the magic of the scenic & beautiful Canyon Lands. For those who haven’t, experiencing Moab, Arches National Park, Canyonlands, and the surrounding area for the first time (as well as the 100th) is an incredible experience. Furthermore, there couldn’t be a more perfect backdrop to Roll with Bob Roll. After a year of global turmoil, pandemic, and undue stress, spending time in what is by far one of the most beautiful and scenic places in the world lends itself to developing a healthy mindset. We’ll help you learn how to manage stress, eat, sleep, and train like a pro athlete; while leading a life focused on fulfillment – straight from the saddle of your favorite bike.

At this year’s Roll with Bob Roll camp, you’ll have the opportunity to work with the best of the best, including:

  • Dr. Massimo Testa: one of the leading sports doctors in the world with three decades of experience on the Tour de France.
  • Dr. Jeremy James: one of the top back and spine specialists.
  • Bill Fabrocini: a physical therapist whose’s resume has too many Olympians and pro athletes to name.
  • Bob “Bobke” Roll: Legendary Tour de France commentator and rider.  He will share a lifetime of experience as a Tour De France rider, NBC Universal Sports Commentator, and the state of cycling.

So, why come to “Roll with Bob Roll?” Give me a reason why not to experience four days of incredible fun, riding, and education.

Simple Daily Itinerary

  • Start with guided stretching and yoga.
  • Your choice of a mountain or road ride.
  • Evening seminars.
  • Good times with good company throughout the whole event.

It’s been a long year. Let us help you rebuild and revitalize your life.

To register for “Roll with Bob Roll”, click here.

– Chip Chilson 

Final Words

Before you hang up your season to begin polishing skis and doing squats, consider that last season event. You can “Roll with Bob Roll, run down the Rio Grande in the Aspen Valley Marathon, or load up a backpack and set off to hike the four-pass loop. The choice is yours, so be sure to choose something epic.

If you’d like to set goals, maybe attend Roll with Bob Roll, and make a plan to achieve them, let’s talk!  My client’s goals are my goals. I want to help you become stronger, feel younger, and prepare for another healthy season!


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