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More of the Tour De France, S'il Vous plait!

2021 Tour De France Recap The 2021 Tour de France concluded its 21st and final stage on July 18th. Racers of all ages, professional abilities, and strengths, showed up for the most epic grand tour cycling race starting on June 26th! It was an epic battle for the best bike racers in the world with dreams realized […]

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RACE RESULTS: Your Worst Day Can Lead to Your Best Day

In the World of IRONMAN Racing, competing, and everyday life Sam Long, a current IRONMAN Competitor, has an incredible story on race results that parallels this theory. RACE RESULTS There are thousands of great stories about racers having their best day ever and achieving their best race results to end in never returning to compete […]

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Everyday Exercises to Keep You Active

And off the couch. The majority of adults in the US sit more than they move. I’m here to help counterbalance that and help get adults from an inactive to an active lifestyle with everyday exercises and routine examples. The Science and Guidelines Behind Everyday Exercise The US Department of Health and Human Services, The […]

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Healthy Eating Guidelines

Mindful Eating: What and When do I eat? What is more important, what you eat and when or how you eat certain foods together? They are all equally important. It’s all part of mindful eating and having healthy eating guidelines. There is a growing struggle among Americans of what to eat and that leads us […]

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Summer Pre-Season Training

6 Tips for a Successful Summer Training It’s a few weeks into spring and you just realized you forgot to get in shape for all the upcoming summer activities. My response is the same any time of the year, “ Start now, because the warm-up is the hardest part of the workout.” In other words, […]

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The Art of Training

How responsibility, healthy habits, personal growth, good eating, and having fun all play a part in the art of training. I look at training as an art form that needs all the elements of a masterpiece, a great concerto, or a timeless painting. Devotion People ask me all the time, “Do you do anything other […]

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Every Day is Leg Day in Colorado

How to manage an imbalance of hobby vs workout routine. Casey offers a series of options to help you find balance and keep your muscles fresh. Active Lifestyle & Workout Routines. Here in Colorado, many of us live an active lifestyle. We ski, skin, bike, hike, run and then go to the gym. It is […]

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Personal Training Effectiveness on Zoom

Can you really get a good workout without being in person? Is this experience enjoyable? Back to our first question, “Is ZOOM effective for personal training?” The answer to all these questions is, YES. How it all started. As you all know in March of 2020, many of us were forced out of our comfort […]

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Fitness Requires Discipline

Happy New Year, the Party IS OVER – Fitness Requires Discipline and intentionality.  How do you do this? It is as simple as keeping the body moving, grooving, eating well, and living with healthy habits. Yes, I know, it has been a challenge to maintain through the holidays and come into the New Year walking tall rather […]

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HIIT Training is for Everyone

HIIT is it?  This type of training has transformed my body and elevated my fitness in ways I have never experienced! 2 years ago, I was asked to cover a series of HIIT classes at a fitness club. Not knowing anything about it, I said yes! From that first class on I learned, suffered, got […]

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