HIIT Exercises are for Everyone.

HIIT is it? 

This type of training has transformed my body and elevated my fitness in ways I have never experienced!

2 years ago, I was asked to cover a series of HIIT classes at a fitness club. Not knowing anything about it, I said yes! From that first class on I learned, suffered, got stronger, and now have a new passion for HIIT training.


A recent study by ACE (American Council on Exercise) found that  HIIT challenges the body to perform at the upper end of the aerobic training zone, which is called the second lactate threshold. When training at this end of the aerobic training zone, there is a shift from using aerobic metabolism to anaerobic metabolism to produce energy to fuel the activity. HIIT training has shown to benefit just about everyone, from endurance and strength athletes to recreational exercisers. HIIT also increases caloric burn after an exercise through a process known as “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption“, or EPOC. Essentially, the body must consume more oxygen, which increases the number of calories that are being burned, to return to its pre-exercising state after intense exercise.


Why does this matter?

The fact is, it works!

I have found these statements to be true, as myself and a crew of faithful exercisers have been HIIT training consistently for 2.5 years with very few breaks. I can attribute many athletic successes to my HIIT training including:

  • Greater cardiovascular abilities in climbing mountains and running at altitude.
  • Dramatic increases in body form as I’m burning more fat and becoming less insulin resistant.
  • Greater strength in explosive movements that combine balance and fast response times.
  • Falling less and reacting faster to off-balance movements.
  • Lower resting heart rate; upon waking, my heart rate is around 38 BMP.

Combined with a diet of whole natural foods and high-level plant-based supplements, HIIT training has transformed my fitness and excitement for weekly training.

You must incorporate HIIT training into your week!

Aspen Pro Fitness teaches HIIT class in a smaller, private setting online via ZOOM Tuesdays at 6:30 am MST. If you would like to try a class, connect with us, compliments of Aspen Pro Fitness. It is fast, powerful, and fun. If you have never done a HIIT class, I promise, you are missing a vital component in your training.

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HIIT produces results.

Incorporate this type of training in to your routine, and build the best strength and endurance you’ve ever had.

As the world continues to change one thing will stay the same:


As we go through these first weeks and months of 2021, HIIT: