How to manage an imbalance of hobby vs workout routine.

Casey offers a series of options to help you find balance and keep your muscles fresh.

Active Lifestyle & Workout Routines.

Here in Colorado, many of us live an active lifestyle. We ski, skin, bike, hike, run and then go to the gym. It is leg day all the time! Every day seems to be a leg day in Colorado, and this can hurt your gains. Many clients of mine right now continue to highlight our first-world problems resulting in B+ workouts in the winter. Why? Because the skiing is so good! Before you have sympathy for any of these blessed folks, rest assured they will be ok.

Constant Leg Work Remedy for Better Performance.

One way to remedy the “Every day is a leg day” syndrome is to ski early, recover, work, take care of your chores, and then do your second workout (strength or cardio) at 5 pm or 6 pm. If you can get into this rhythm you may be able to recover those sore muscles and get stronger at the same time. Keep in mind every day can be an active day but they cannot all be hard workout days. We need to monitor the hard, medium, and easy workouts throughout the season.

Recovering Well is Key.

What does a proper recovery look like?

– 8 hours in between sessions.

– 24 hours between muscle groups.

If you ski from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm each day, then do a core or upper body workout in the evening. You may find yourself fresh each day for up to 8 weeks. There will be a time when you need to back off then ramp up again. Other methods to aid in recovery are massage, stretching, yoga, and foam rolling.

Other recovery methods: massage, stretch, yoga, and a foam roller.

Skiing in Aspen Snowmass

Muscle Group Relationships

If you have done proper conditioning, you may be able to execute two quality leg workouts in a day, but not every day of the week. Think about every time your lower body gets sore, you switch to the upper body. This creates a relationship of recovering one muscle group completely while achieving gains in the next group, recover, then repeat. It takes discipline or a good coach to stay on track. Our number one goal for training the body is to receive positive change, mentally and physically.

Variety and Progression

Variety is important while remaining on a progression towards your goals. Now all bets are off when the snow is flying, and you have the time to enjoy it. You will have to pull back somewhere in your training after a few powder days and just rest. But, if you play the game or work and recover, you will find yourself less sore than your skiing buddies.

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