March 15, 2021

The Art of Training

How responsibility, healthy habits, personal growth, good eating, and having fun all play a part in the art of training.

I look at training as an art form that needs all the elements of a masterpiece, a great concerto, or a timeless painting.


People ask me all the time, “Do you do anything other than train and workout?” The answer is yes, but I love the training process. Training was a hobby, a sport, and now it is my profession. The more I train the more I learn, and I have concluded there is an art of training that is exciting, fun, and motivating!

No Foreseeable End

Every day, season, year, and now decade, I pray for another healthy season. I try not to look and live too far in the future as to not miss out on the blessings of today- but I must plan! The Art of Training is a long-term progression of my health that does not have a foreseeable end. I train to the best of my ability, consistently, always aware of when to establish a new beginning and when to end a


With great training comes great responsibility. There is personal growth, healthy habits, a lot of good eating, and having a lot of fun. I love to race and that motivates me in the off-season. I remember the good, the bad, and the ugly; and take note of my weaknesses and strengths!

Be silent and reflect where you are at in your training. Have you mastered the art yet? 

Mental Preparation

As the seasons accumulate, the early registration and preparation for races have grown me. Summer is typically the time to plan big hiking or biking trips. Race season opens across the country and you can sign up for a big event, a running race, or a century ride. IRONMAN requires you to sign up a year in advance for a race which used to upset me. As I said in the beginning, this commitment and preparation have grown me. Before signing up I would ask myself,

“Do you have the discipline to show up prepared on race day? Can you lay out a plan and execute it?” 

Every year I am able to learn more and become better in my craft. This persistence formed me mentally. A passion is more than a hobby and, for me, it keeps me motivated regardless of the circumstances around me.

I look at training as an art form that needs all the elements of a masterpiece, a great concerto, or a timeless painting.

In Conclusion

Year after year, it is a blessing to get better and be more efficient in my passion. I want it to make sense, I want the years to add up to mastery. I want the love, fun, and excitement to come together during every hour of training and working out. This comes at a cost: time. It takes time but has made me efficient with all my time while growing a passion into a career.

I encourage everyone to integrate working out or training into a long-term vision for great health and longevity of life.

If you cannot remain healthy you may not be able to take care of yourself and those you love. Integrate what the body needs into your life and the results will be positive!

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Change is inevitable in every part of our life!

Let us change for the better!

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