Happy New Year, the Party IS OVER – Fitness Requires Discipline and intentionality.  How do you do this? It is as simple as keeping the body moving, grooving, eating well, and living with healthy habits. Yes, I know, it has been a challenge to maintain through the holidays and come into the New Year walking tall rather than crawling back. So, no matter where you are, put the stake in the sand and declare forward motion today!

Many new clients and friends ask,
“How do I do it? How can I keep my health and fitness sustainable?”

Discipline is easier than you think. If we look back at our year; life changes, but our countenance should be the same. We have goals, events, birthdays, holidays, and unexpected life events year in and year out. No matter what happens we aspire to maintain balance or a state of homeostasis where we are moderately in control and have a steady pace in life. The roller coaster rides of our 20’s were exciting and exhausting and hopefully over- so let’s press on towards the mark (Philippians 3:13-14).

I want to encourage you to change the record NOW and tack on the discipline and self-control you remember being so fruitful. Was it the morning run you never missed or that healthy salad you made every day for lunch? Hard work and discipline are rewarded in every area of the world we live in.


Health is your wealth and – at that- a great investment!

Let’s review lifestyle… We eat what we want, work as hard as we want, spend as much time as we want with family, sleeping and playing, so why not integrate 30 minutes or an hour of training each day?

Build your temple strong, maintain the structure and then inspire people with your hard-earned efforts and feel amazing every day!

Try a plan like this:

_Pre-Season: January, February, March, April. Build the chassis, start cardio, embrace structure.

_The Season!!!: May, June, July, August, September. Hike, bike, swim, run have fun without the soreness!

_Crossover Season: October. Slow down, re-group, reflect on the year, keep the body moving!

_Off-season: November, December. Stay active, loosen up on the structure, taste but do not overindulge!



Put it all together and you can be strong and healthy year-round without the dips, poorly timed peaks, and extended valleys. 

Connect with Aspen Pro Fitness, Casey Adams, and I will help you get it all back by applying the most basic but powerful principles:

Structure + Consistency = Change

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