6 Tips for a Successful Summer Training

It’s a few weeks into spring and you just realized you forgot to get in shape for all the upcoming summer activities. My response is the same any time of the year, “ Start now, because the warm-up is the hardest part of the workout.” In other words, summer pre-season training is here if you’re ready or not.

That means stepping into the gym or getting outdoors on day one is the most challenging. Why? Because we are creatures of habit and change is challenging, but who knows exactly. What we do know is every day is easier after the first day of summer pre-season training.

Pre-Season Training Pep Talk

For the people living in Roaring Fork Valley, we are as close as ever to hanging up the skis, if we have not already, and dusting off the bikes and running shoes.  The weather is getting better, we want to go outside! But, there is pre-season training to accomplish before 5 to 6 months of glorious biking, running, and hiking outdoors. It’s time to focus on your strength and conditioning, cardio, and physical strength training.

6 Tips for a Successful Summer Training

  1. Know where you are in your fitness capabilities.  Don’t sign-up for a marathon if you’ve only run 3 miles a week!
  2. Cardio Session. Incorporate 3 cardio sessions a week for 30 minutes or more.
  3. Don’t forget the basics. Outdoor activities require strength.  Incorporate these regularly into your pre-season training routine: push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and running. Our Zoom Fitness Classes make for a great solution for the basics.
  4. Seasonal meal plan practices.  Eat food based on the season and what’s available. There is a correlation between seasons and activity levels. Eating melon in the winter doesn’t make sense – what do you do with all that sugar… store it! Now summer is a different story.
  5. Equipment Prep. Have your equipment tuned up or purchased. Have your weapons ready for battle.
  6. Rest and Stretch day.  Make one day a week for resting and stretching.  I recommend 15 minutes for every hour of working out.  Play by the rules and you’ll move pain-free always! Additional rest day tips and a 20-minute stretch and flexibility video.

In Conclusion

There will be a lot of time outdoors in the elements, so stay patient and be consistent with your summer pre-season training. Stay committed to your gym routine for April and most of May, regardless of the temptation to derail the summer pre-season training program for a warm-weather joy ride.


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