Zoom Livestream Virtual Fitness Classes

Online fitness Classes have become very popular during these challenging times.  I won’t say they have become the ‘craze’ and that they are loved by everyone… but online, virtual, recorded, and Dvd classes are popular because they offer people a variety of workouts to do in the comfort of their homes.  At Aspen Pro Fitness we have built and developed a studio that streams Zoom Live Virtual Fitness Classes.


Zoom Online Classes

Zoom online is one of many platforms people can use to stream workouts from their computer, phone or TV.  With the current limitations and personal safety factors at play today working out from home is a great way to maintain and grow your health and fitness.  YouTube Live and Facebook Live offer a live one-way streaming experience for free to users at a specific time. Beachbody On Demand offers an extensive catalog of effective, pre-recorded workouts for every level of fitness.  Aspen Pro Fitness’ Zoom Live Virtual Fitness Classes offer a highly specific, challenging and progressive catalog of workouts that change each week.


Benefits of Zoom Livestream Virtual Fitness Classes

The goal of our Zoom Livestream Virtual Fitness Classes is to keep you healthy, strong and ACCOUNTABLE.  The teacher can see you (if you choose to share video) and help instruct and guide you through each move during a workout. Our Zoom Live Virtual Fitness Classes start at a certain time and encourage users to keep a schedule and show up on time, every time.  Everyone can see one other in the classroom which builds a sense of community.  Logging in and showing up on time and being recognized in class creates a sense of accountability. Join our after-class chat online to say hello or to ask questions. This is another great benefit of Zoom Live Virtual Classes that connects people in a way Dvds and one-way streaming do not.

Another benefit of enrolling in Aspen Pro Fitness’s Zoom Live Virtual Fitness Classes online is that you are plugged into our very own customized Tri-Effect annual curriculum.  Basically you are being trained by Casey Adams; Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach Triathlon Coach and Triathlete, in a class setting that carefully applies a progression of strength training, cardio training and flexibility in 365 days a year plan.  If you choose to take the next step, you can contact Casey Adams for a personalized plan and take advantage of our Zoom Live Virtual Fitness Classes and Schedule which will integrate right into your training plan.

As the world continues to change one thing will stay the same:


Invest in yourself, stay healthy, strong and maintain the ability to do all activities of daily life with the option to more if you choose.   Every season has its time and our lives have their cycles. Ff you’re on the fence about when to start working out again try the next level of classes, try something new, check out our schedule and contact us for a free class.  The worst that will happen is experiencing  great workout, seeing and meeting new people and enjoying a new experience.