Aspen Pro Fitness  started with a passion for fun, greater fitness in sports and elevated health and wellness  Through exercise. The passion for strong bodies and a healthy lifestyle flourished with the exciting challenges of local races, triathlons and full and half distance IRONMAN triathlons.  Almost a decade later, Casey Adams is about to race his 15th IRONMAN branded triathlon. These races motivate Casey to deliver the best Triathlon and IRONMAN Coaching  experience to his clients every hour of every day, all year long!

Triathlon is becoming the fastest growing new sport and challenges anyone to complete three disciplines (swim, bike, run) in one day.  The goal is to finish the race with your best effort.  Your best effort is a result of your (well executed) training. The equation is simple:

  1. Start with realistic goals
  2. Begin your training ‘season’ with structure and consistency
  3. Train in each discipline each week
  4. Show up and do YOUR best!

At Aspen Pro Fitness, we take the time to provide you with personalized, proven Triathlon and IRONMAN Coaching that will help you complete your race, achieve your goals or help you get into incredible shape!

Triathlon has many different distances and brands which are all covered through Aspen Pro Fitness’ Triathlon and IRONMAN coaching services. Some races can be an hour long while others will challenge you to finish in under 17 hours (which isn’t as easy as it sounds)!  When Casey Adams first started in triathlon he raced the shortest triathlons  he could find and progressed to the longest races he could find (full distance IRONMAN triathlons). Regardless the type of race or distance you choose we can help.  Some clients prefer not race but are intrigued by the challenge of multi-sport training and want a new challenge. We can help!

Benefits of Triathlon Training

Benefits of Triathlon Training

The benefits of multi-sport training offer people variety, constant challenges, protection from overuse injuries and a well-balanced form and physique which result from diversified movements. If you decide to use Aspen Pro Fitness for your triathlon and IRONMAN coaching needs, you can expect to have fun while working and training hard.  We will integrate our custom Tri-Effect annual training curriculum into your natural life rhythm and build a balanced schedule that works for you! Our training methods and progressions are tried and true and are a result of experience, hard work, being coached by great coaches, field testing and science.

Triathlon training and racing may sound overwhelming but it’s just three sports in one day.  Swim, Bike, Run.  Consider the challenge of learning each discipline to your best ability through quality coaching. Train with others while having fun and try a local race.  If you’d like to save time to maximize your training results hire our Triathlon and IRONMAN Coaching services to help you achieve your goals and race your best race this season! More questions?  Reach out and Contact us today!