Health and Wellness Coaching

  • Health is your wealth
  • You are what you eat
  • Exercise each day keeps the doctor away
  • Never eat these 3 foods

We hear these phrases every day and over time, they become white noise!  There are many sources teaching, preaching and advertising so much information about health and wellness.  This information can be helpful, harmful or the information make us feel lost.  Sometimes, when we are lost, we revert to old habits or adopt habits we wouldn’t because of what one person said or what we’ve read.  If you want to get back on track or need a clear path to meet your goals, let’s have a conversation and consider signing up for Health and Wellness Coaching  with Aspen Pro Fitness and benefit from our Healthy Diet consulting combined with a Healthy living strategy.

Our principles are simple, basic, rooted in experience and backed by science.  When it comes to working with clients of all ages, shapes and sizes, healthy or hurt, active or challenged, our Health and Wellness Coaching starts with the basics.

For example:

Calories in vs. Calories out: How much should you eat?

I always joke how world-famous Iron Chef Bobby Flay beats the competition in cooking challenges:

He always starts with the basics!


Benefits Of A Health And Wellness Coach

Casey Adams, owner, trainer and coach at Aspen Pro Fitness has lived a life rooted in Health and Wellness Coaching.  While growing up in Hopewell New Jersey, Casey was coached by his parents at a young age.  Casey’s parents were professionals in the careers of outdoor recreation and health and weight loss management.  Simple sugars rarely made it to the table and physical activity was a lifestyle, not a chore. The result of his parents’ coaching was to first learn about healthy choices, then make healthy choices and finally creating a healthy lifestyle. As Casey progressed through high school and college his interest in athletics grew.  The demand for energy, and lots of it became necessary and he began to study sports nutrition, nutrient timing, proper food combining and their effects on the human body.

Casey Adams was his favorite test subject!  He would experiment with every suggested breakfast food, pre-race meal, recovery smoothie, micro and macro nutrient dosing, meal timing, fasting, carb loading and fad diet that existed.  The conclusion was simple: get back to the basics.

For the same reason Casey hires a coach is why we suggest you hire a coach:

Sometimes can just see the obvious problem!


Experience You Can Trust

At Aspen Pro Fitness we identify your goals, challenges or problem areas and break it down to the basics. Trust Aspen Pro Fitness to lead you safely and confidently to better health and wellness with our coaching program.  Let’s discuss exercise, eating habits, food types, meal plans, road blocks, short cuts and success.  Apply our knowledge and experience to your lifestyle and experience the positive mind/body changes and you will feel better, eat better, look better and make better choices.

As the world continues to change one thing will stay the same:


You’ve thought about it, you’ve read about it and now we encourage you to do something about it. Let’s start with the basics and build a firm foundation in your health.  We’ll then grow your knowledge, confidence and ability to make smart, healthy choices which will transform your current health from good to incredible.