The Holidays and maintaining balance.

  • Understand your priorities.
  • Cheer over gluttony
  • Self- Control: The Proximity Rule!

Friends, family, loved ones, avid gym-goers, fierce worker-outers – the holidays are here!

What is the real focus of the holidays? Is it bringing joy to others as well as being joyful? Do we begin to prioritize others and become overly generous during this season? As priorities shift throughout the year, notably during the holidays, I am reminded to maintain balance in my life, in my relationships, my training, and yes… in my eating habits!

I remember the year that I committed to change my holiday eating habits forever and prioritize holiday cheer over holiday gluttony! With our Lord’s strength, I am still able to maintain those healthy habits before and after the holidays.

It was a typical holiday season and gift baskets, homemade treats, holiday parties, and delicious festive beverages came into my life like a flood. It was a flood surrounded by joy, laughter, great friends, and fun parties. After the excitement of the holidays subsided, I was left with amazing memories as well as extras POUNDS…. I knew it would take three weeks to break the tongue to brain sugar connection and many days of liquid protein shakes to reduce the bloating of sugar overload in the system. Was it worth it?

In my 30’s I knew I did not want to go through this ever again, it was time for a change. I began to think about what the holidays really represented. I pondered, “Was the anticipation of a variety of amazing bites and decadent flavors worth the aftermath of grunting it out in the gym on January 2nd?”

I finally said – no more!


Proximity Rule

So, how could I take this new revelation and weave it into each holiday season?

Priorities! I wanted to prioritize holiday joy and eliminate the guilt, empty calories, and extra pounds! I realized the holidays are about relationships: giving, loving, caring, and growing the relationships in your life. I began to make changes. I was reminded that I needed to work out an hour a day to maintain balance, a healthy heart, and blood lipid profile, as well as to enjoy a positive endorphin rush, and to stay fit. I knew that everything in moderation is acceptable. I decided to use the PROXIMITY RULE.

The proximity rule is easy – stay away from the source of temptation.

  1. I began to have conversations with people away from the bar and buffet table.
  2. I would put the gift boxes in the break room at the office instead of in common areas.
  3. I would maintain regular eating times instead of snacking on empty calories throughout the day just because it is December.

All these little tricks helped me keep the weight off and my joyful Spirit alive and well!

This experience taught me the true meaning of the holidays. I can maintain my healthy habits with a few added indulgences while focusing on fun with my family and friends.

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My holiday memories are now of – joy and fun – without the postseason guilt.

Try the proximity rule around temptations, and keep a safe distance while staying close to the ones you love!

As the world continues to change one thing will stay the same:


As we go through the holidays, PRIORITIZE: