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A Personal Trainer's Perspective of Going Keto.

And, His Add-On Recommendations. We must eat. Many of us love to eat. Eating is part of life. We think about eating many waking hours of our life. These are all true statements about eating. How much you eat and what you eat are topics of discussion that can be found in every home, office, […]

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Omad Nomad

Experimenting during your postseason. Let’s break down these terms: Omad & Nomad. Omad: One meal a day Nomad: a person who does not stay long in the same place; a wanderer. During your training season, there are so many rules to follow, workouts to execute, structure to put in place, and micro/macro splits to study. You must […]

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Is Your Body Efficient?

Are you a well-maintained muscle car? All of mankind is drawn towards efficiency. Wouldn’t you agree? In the 1970s many automakers embraced the American muscle car that was built with huge heavy motors. Efficiency in vehicles came with growth in technology, years of research and development, and a lot of trial and error. Out of […]

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3 Year Anniversary & The Birth of Aspen Pro Fitness

Plus, my best half marathon time yet! Happy 3-year Anniversary to Aspen Pro Fitness! I want to thank everyone who has helped Aspen Pro Fitness grow to what it is today. It is three years to this month that Aspen Pro Fitness has been in business! How It Started APF first started as a conversation […]

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FIT AND HEALTHY: What do you need to succeed?

Breaking Down Wants Vs. Needs Getting fit and healthy can be overwhelming, intimidating, and confusing. There are so many opinions on how to be fit and healthy, plus the blurriness caused by marketing strategies that invade our minds daily. People find themselves in the vicious cycle of questioning before they even get started. Do any […]

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Older, Stronger. One Is a Choice, the Other is Not.

Stronger with Age: A Letter of Honesty & Encouragement. Two words: OLDER, STRONGER; one is a choice you have; the other is not!  Can you guess which one you can positively influence the most?  STRONGER.  Which word gives you less opportunity to influence? OLDER.  I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but […]

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Season Review and Roll with Bob Roll

Questions to ask and an end-of-season event to consider. The best way to end a season is by taking time to stop and review your performance by asking a few questions. How would your season look in review? How was your summer season? Did you meet your goals? Did you have fun? What did you […]

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Do You Have a Support Team for Your Racing Endeavors?

It takes a support team to succeed. How do you get your best result? Can you do it on your own without a support team? Yes and no! There are three different scenarios of racers. We’ve all heard of the story of the athlete that showed up, blew the doors off the race, took first place, […]

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Racing Nutrition and the 5 Refuel Must-Haves

and the 5 Refuel Must-Haves. I can officially say I’ve heard it all when it comes to high-intensity performance and racing nutrition: eat before you work out don’t eat before you work out eat right after a workout wait an hour after a workout eat fat so your body burns fat eat carbs so your […]

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