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Maintain Balance Through the Holidays

Health is your wealth You are what you eat Exercise each day keeps the doctor away Never eat these 3 foods We hear these phrases every day and over time, they become white noise!  There are many sources teaching, preaching and advertising so much information about health and wellness.  This information can be helpful, harmful […]

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What Season Are You In?

This is an important question for athletes, trainers, avid gym-goers as well as anyone who likes to work out, stay healthy, and keep good form. Here is a synopsis of what my season looks like. I just finished the most challenging race season, which started in June and ended in September. I took a 3.5-week […]

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Customized Personal Training Options in Aspen and Snowmass Village

Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach in Aspen and Snowmass Village   Personal training sessions are an incredible way to learn how to work out and train your body. As an ACE certified personal trainer, I work with people of all levels and ages to help them achieve their fitness goals. Being a fitness and exercise […]

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Strength and Endurance Coaching for Athletes of All Levels

My name is Casey Adams, owner, trainer and coach at Aspen Pro Fitness in Snowmass Village Colorado. I live and work with an interesting population of fast witted, ambitious, high energy people of all ages who choose to live at high altitude. Our community promotes races and activities that include hiking, running, skiing and biking […]

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Achieving Your Fitness Goals

What are fitness goals? Everyone talks about goals and in my line of work, I hear a lot of talk about fitness goals so let's talk about achieving your fitness goals and the steps to start. The first step is identifying what are your fitness goals exactly.  The second step is to be realistic how […]

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