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More of the Tour De France, S'il Vous plait!

2021 Tour De France Recap The 2021 Tour de France concluded its 21st and final stage on July 18th. Racers of all ages, professional abilities, and strengths, showed up for the most epic grand tour cycling race starting on June 26th! It was an epic battle for the best bike racers in the world with dreams realized […]

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Everyday Exercises to Keep You Active

And off the couch. The majority of adults in the US sit more than they move. I’m here to help counterbalance that and help get adults from an inactive to an active lifestyle with everyday exercises and routine examples. The Science and Guidelines Behind Everyday Exercise The US Department of Health and Human Services, The […]

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HIIT Training is for Everyone

HIIT is it?  This type of training has transformed my body and elevated my fitness in ways I have never experienced! 2 years ago, I was asked to cover a series of HIIT classes at a fitness club. Not knowing anything about it, I said yes! From that first class on I learned, suffered, got […]

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Strength and Endurance Coaching for Athletes of All Levels

My name is Casey Adams, owner, trainer and coach at Aspen Pro Fitness in Snowmass Village Colorado. I live and work with an interesting population of fast witted, ambitious, high energy people of all ages who choose to live at high altitude. Our community promotes races and activities that include hiking, running, skiing and biking […]

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